Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Moments Like These

awaken on my own

the alarm bell yet to ring.

after a night of nearly

successful attempts to rest my soul.

morning sounds are everywhere

as I open the window.

and listen to the birds

greeting this new day.

I love this time of being

simple and silent.

before the world is allowed

to corrupt peace with whatever it brings.

thoughts still my own

not pulled in any direction.

other than whichever one

they would like to feel.

turn off the a/c

let the cool air fill the room.

the humidity

not yet part of the scene.

the sun has not fully risen

taken her place in the sky.

the smoky grey colors

much more pleasing to me.

dreams are born

on mornings such as this.

or perhaps just a lingering

pull from last night’s sleep.

either way

this time is mine to covet.

like a fiend, I do

and with no apologies.

this is when being alone

is in its purest form.

a beautiful place

to explore the depths of me.

today I can recall

the struggles that brought me back.

from living a life

that lacked moments like these.


  1. A beautiful beginning to a day, Andrea. Hope your whole day is stellar.

  2. beautiful renddition of your awakenings. I too, now for quite sometime, am non-apologetic for hoarding these early mornings of 'me' time. These early autumn mornings are so refreshing and inspiring.


  3. This is so exquisitely beautiful...