Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The things we cling to
like bits of frayed string.
The lifelines, the lifeguards
with the red cross on their chest.
The grasping for something unknown
but drawing and empty hand.
The staring for hours at this screen
for words that speak my name.
The pain that is unbearable
I can’t even drink it away.
The regret and tearing myself to shreds
for even trying in the first place.
The days spent disconnected
simply passing time.
The waiting for what comes next
while life is passing by.
The endless waste of years
circling the clock.
The life that I have taken for granted
with careless disregard.
The loss of hope, the loss of faith
of every piece of me.
The things I’ll never touch again
I let them slip away.
The constant wish for something more
other than what I have.
The feeling that it’s never enough
that I am never enough.

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