Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Walk By The Sea

Over in the Twitter world, I have encountered some of the most wonderful creative souls! People who just want to share words and images and create poetry~
As you know, I have such a love affair with the ocean and I have discovered the lovely @Heidi_Ayala. Heidi shares pictures of her morning walks on the beach and each day I can't wait to open my computer and join her on that walk. she graciously allows me the privilege of expressing my reactions to her photos through poetry.
Here is a collection of a few of those images and words and one piece that we wrote together in a little game I like to call #poetrytag
Please check out Heidi on Twitter or her blog at
let us take to the air
arms spread wide
and glide upon
the morning breeze
softly, serenely
and sing a morning song

with feathers sharpened
for the assault on the morning sky
I gather all my strength
and from here where I stand
burst forth

she drenches the world
in her lustrous glow
shining her light
on everything over
which she presides
her world
reflects her
a lone traveler
in this vast expanse
of radiant blue
the world is mine to discover
my wings spread wide
I leap!
a sea of broken shells
washed ashore
each one tells a story
of a moment
a place in time
in shapes and grooves
lie the tales

Sliding in and out of invisibility
one day…
I will be touched 
by something more than need
and be seen
on this shore
I will wait
for you to come
to me
echo my longing
Unfolding endlessly
hungry reminders
of your tender touch
stirring the tides
within me
waves dance
and crash upon the shore
nothing comes close
to the force
with which
we collide
water spray
salty taste
Thank you Heidi~
I love taking walks on the beach with you~



  1. What a beautiful collaboration in both images and words. I love the blending of such amazing talent.

  2. Gorgeous collaboration. Kudos to you, Andrea, and to Heidi.