Tuesday, September 24, 2013


it would seem to me that this is the time

while wrapped in the sinewy vines.

tangled in the intricate web

of emotions that are suffocatingly loud.

it would seem that these are the moments

when the words would trickle and fall.

down, over and upon me

as if there were no end to the way.

that I could describe these feelings

or find comfort in words.

it’s like pulling teeth tonight

or a rabbit from a hat.

it would take magic to make the words

flow freely from my pen.

it might just be exhaustion

or all of this magnificent change.

a life readjusted and realigned

a world turned upside down.

it might be that all of my comforts

are stored away for now.

the things that I’ve become accustomed

to always having around.

so when tired and weary overtake me

I also become timid and small.

my voice gets very quiet

and I very simply go still.

clinging frantically to consciousness

yet desperately needing sleep.

wanting so badly to let go

yet fearing what will overcome.

I’m about to release a torrent of tears

and then sleep the sleep of the dead.

letting go all that has me twisted within

and struggling to find the words.

let the lifelessness fall upon me

as if I could disappear.







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  2. Oh, I have had these nights when crying through my pen is all I can do.. Yet, it seem to bring out the best words from me. May rest rejuvenate you.

  3. This is so vivid. I can relate this to certain nights when I am in a similar state of mind. It is indeed a lifelessness because I go about doing random work and yet, the tiny voice in the brain that always keeps me company, is suddenly silent or chanting something in a trance-like manner. Brilliant poem, Andrea.