Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Game ~ Evolve

sleep was like some sort of game last night

a kind of “catch me if you can”.

from this pain in my head and the crick in my neck

I’m not very good at this game.

I know somewhere I heard a voice saying,

“tag, it’s your turn to play”.

but the sleep that should have been my reward

was not going to have its day.

I kept seeing over and over

things becoming very dark.

shadows playing with light

like a strobe light, stop and start.

there were figures whose form floated eerily

over me where I lay.

and sounds that were not exactly soothing

with far too much to say.

I kept drifting off slowly and then with a twitch

becoming conscious again.

and then there was that blinding question

what the hell am I doing?

this adventure that looms before me

though mystical as it seems.

could also be seen as folly

running off chasing dreams.

into the smoky mountains

where the trees have been known to sing.

I want to hear them talk to me

maybe they have the answers I need.

I’m chasing something that has no name

trying to find one for myself.

I’m tired of the one I’ve been called by.

it’s time to become someone else.

perhaps be defined by the leaves on the trees

and then as they fall to the ground.

with season’s change and life as it moves

evolve~ that has a nice sound.

my aching head is still foggy

and the words are falling out of my mouth.

spilling themselves all over me

but I can clearly make them out.

fear, unsure, unsteady, afraid,

timid, lonely and scared.

it’s almost like taking roll call

the familiar players all there.

the game is about to begin again

are you ready? count to three.

cover your eyes with both hands

and then go seek among the trees~





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  1. Yes. So many nights I've counted sheep, I've counted daisies underneath my feet. When this didn't help I decided to go to sleep.