Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mourning Rhyme

I try to steer away from rhyme when I write, in fact I will intentionally throw a word into a line and throw off the rhythm just to avoid it. I write with a very definite rhythm though, a pace, almost musical and I can't deny that. So this morning, while mourning, I just let all the rhymes do their thing and they got busy for this one.

I know you wish for me to disappear
but I am still here
stained in the ink
of that tiny wink
in the time that it took
and the single exhale of the last look
it was destined somehow to be
that you and me
would simply pass on the way
be tossed away
on the side of some dusty road
you have been lightened of this load
but I still carry with me
in a knapsack so no one sees
the words that you said
so many times as I bled
the sound of your voice
I cannot drown out the noise
it creeps up my spine
and I am hopelessly entwined
in a memory of nothing
or was it something
you would only commit to no
but those words still echo
the truth that rang out
in those 12 hours of doubt
when you said is it real?
when you said, I feel
but gone and distant
those words now haunt
the site of the wound stings
and the pain that it consistently brings
the damage done to my heart
the resulting works of art
the cost of bearing it all
when the result is just to fall
at the feet of mistakes made
in the eye of the devil jade
the jealous contempt of loss
and the inability to toss
this all into the raging sea
it has simply become a part of me~


  1. beautiful and hopefully cathartic.

    most of the time I also try not to concern myself with rhyme but on occasion in flows so I leave it alone

    my attempt is to meld words together to say something that may incite thought and provoke while saying it with melody

    i think that's how nature works in it's irony of flux and chaos

    have a wonderful day, mi amiga

  2. I loved the rhythm of this, Andrea. Sometimes rhyme works. Like it did with this poem. It spilled out and over and I loved it. Compared to my zillions of free verse, I write a teeny tiny bit of rhyme. I hate following rules and rhyming has rules! :)