Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Wish of A Red Balloon

All of the other girls had red balloons

yet I still carry this thing.

This thing that separates me from them,

makes me different from all the rest.

Mine is bigger and better and faster

and can fly me around the world.

Yet I still just want what they all have

and to be like everyone else.

They have color, those bright red balloons,

matching their hats and shoes.

Mine has no flair, no zip, no pizazz,

a potato on a string.

I stand out alone, my back to their faces

their childish fun loving grins.

In my simple brown dress, and sad lonely eyes,

I am trying to fit in.

Maybe one day I’ll see it,

the value this thing holds for me.

I will climb in and set my course

for adventures not of this world.

But today I am here and apart from the crowd,

lonely and on the fringe.

Today my only wish

is to have a red balloon.

*For   Poetics: Out the Sketchbook *

Art by Tera Zajack


  1. day she will discover it..and from the first half of the poem it sounds she knows it already in a way.. some of the value in the lives of those that stand out is only visible for the trained eye..

  2. great,
    it is special to be different and hold something unique to shine.

  3. felt...the desire to fit in and realise you just cant and i like that maybe one day you will appreciate it but the desire is not....

  4. As a child it is a natural to want to fit in with your peers until you begin to read and read and realise that what you want to fit in with is unappealing on so many levels Then it becomes important not to be identified with the herd at all.

  5. Holds out an everyday innocent desire of all of us. Lovely piece.

  6. some people see being a stand out as something bad, but really, it's not, being original is not something to wish away

  7. a potato on a string - I like that, it made me smile. I also like that you pointed out the positive aspect of your balloon - "Mine is bigger and better and faster
    and can fly me around the world."