Friday, December 30, 2011

A Conversation

Today I need the quiet, soothing sound of numb

last night, truth be told, truth was told.

We got to the raw, we got to the bleeding

we got to the heart of this thing.

We laid it bare, we listened, and we cried

and then we laid it bare, listened and cried again.

Words were spoken with the delicacy of art

brushstrokes etched deep into the grain.

Thoughts and feelings buried deep were dug up from their graves

resurrected and held up to the light.

Wounds uncovered, scars revered

we paid homage to the path that brought us here.

Today we are both within ourselves

 yet together in this space.

Carefully navigating the rooms

and the blue print of our life.

We don’t have the answers readily

available on our tongues.

We don’t have the words

that will tidy up the mess.

We don’t have a steady foothold

 upon this slippery floor.

We don’t have anything else

except the truth.

We are taking this moment

we are taking this day.

And perhaps tomorrow

we will do the same thing again.

We are digging in

we are moving on faith.

We are looking for something

to believe in again.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic write full of intense emotion, energy, narration and metaphors