Friday, December 9, 2011

The Essence of Grace

She has laid herself out on the table before me

and I silently take her in.

Stripped bare of any mask or cloak

she shows me into her soul.

There are things in there that are crying

there are things in there that scream.

Yet she carefully tends them and feeds their need

 with a gentle, loving hand.

She is fighting battles with demons

with voices that are louder than hers.

Yet she quietly sings herself lullabies

with words of comfort and care.

The voices are bitter and angry

with hateful things to say.

They are trying to take her with them

as misery loves company.

She is brave and strong in the face of this

and I sit and watch her with awe.

Standing beautiful and tall with head held high

her light shining out through it all.

I can only think as I watch her

that this is the essence of grace.

She stands naked and defenseless

yet all I see is strength.


  1. wow powerful piece...she has a beautiful strength under the weight of all that...and to be as transparent as well is a great quality...

  2. Suffering transmuted into grace -- that's the quality I see here -- and the result is a gift for us all. Thank you. - Brendan

  3. naked and defenseless but an unbelievable strength...think you got to the core of grace here.. very intense and powerful words andrea

  4. a powerful tug on my emotions - very well done.

  5. This conjured up many images for me. Somehow I thought of someone battling depression, feeling so alone, yet walking through the darkness. Striking poem. Victoria

  6. what a dramatic word flow.