Thursday, December 22, 2011

Standing bleeding and broken

heart ripped from my chest.

Lying in pieces on the floor at your feet

gasping to take my next breath.

We are at the precipice

we are standing so close to the edge.

I am ready to jump and fall

and land crashing on the ground.

I can’t believe this pain

this aching, raw, this numb.

I can’t believe how lost I feel

and how absolutely alone.

I’ve been standing tall and braving this fight

holding my breath as I go.

Flying on faith, on a wing and a prayer

for the simple fact that I believed.

I have gone to the edges of sanity

questioning the state of my own.

I have challenged my own integrity

to make the voices stop screaming at me.

Now the words have been spoken

and things said can’t be undone.

Now something must change, must be done

I don’t know what that is.

I don’t understand this need in you

when you tell me that I am the one.

I don’t understand how you can hold me so tight

and still chase shadows in the dark.

This is a time for healing

for rebuilding what has been lost.

For tending to wounds and stitching up tears,

for effort and visible scars.

I am moving forward without direction

simply following my feet where they lead.

Looking for clues in the scenery

for evidence that I’ll be ok.

This is a time of faith

for unconditional belief.

A time for us to stand face to face

naked, in the light.

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  1. naked in the light - that sums up faith nicely for me.