Sunday, December 4, 2011

~The power of flight~

I wish that I had wings,

I wish that I could fly.

I wish that I could rise up above myself

and the space in which I exist.

I wish that I could move from here to there

at the speed of light and take myself from this place.

I wish I could magically change the scenery

and in that, my point of view.

I wish I could take to the air, wings widely spread

and soar among the clouds.

I wish I could travel through time without worry

as to how I would get here from there.

I wish I was free, feathered, in flight

unbound by earthly restraint.

I wish I had the power, and in reality I do

to change the course of this path.

To cast myself up to the wild unknown

without fear of where I might land.

To boldly go to places unseen

without knowing what to expect.

I tattooed a feather onto my arm

to remind me and I sometimes forget.

That the scenery changes, the places and names

but the power to be is mine.

This is more of about having superpower than being a superhero.

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