Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Will you feel me,

when you no longer touch my skin?

Will you see me when you

no longer look in my eyes?

Will you hear me,

as I softly cry myself to sleep?

Will you miss me,

when I silently disappear?

Will you remember my smile,

as it once lit up this room?

Will you recall my voice,

when it no longer speaks your name?

Will there be something in the back of your mind,

that pulls you back to this place?

Will you wonder where

I have gone, when I am gone?

Will you regret,

 that you took me for granted?

Will you forget,

that I feel everything you say?

Will my memory touch

any part of the world where you now live?

Will my role

in all of this be done?

Will there be pieces of me that linger with you?

like the taste that stays on your tongue?

Or will you simply rise from the table,

an empty plate left behind?

*about the way we move through the lives of others*
For    OpenLinkNight ~ Week 22


  1. i think on some level we all struggle with these i important in your life...and sometimes it is hard to tangibly see...but i would say yes...but the real impact may not be felt until you are gone

  2. think if we loved someone much when he/she was alive..they will in a way stay with us even when they are gone..and there may be the one or other regret as well..

  3. That question applies to so many relationships and scenarios. You did well keeping it vague enough that each reader can fit it to it universal appeal. Well done.

  4. We cannot know what they will think of their memories, but know that they will be thinking something. Would we ask these questions, if we knew they would answer, and with it the chance of being hurt again? So much feeling; great write.