Friday, December 16, 2011

My Own~

There are things happening daily
that I don’t understand.
There are words forming on the edge on my tongue
that never need to be said.
There are hurdles and walls and mountains to climb
that sometimes just seem too high.
There are voices that whisper to me
whose words I just can’t hear.
I am digging deeper into myself
than I have ever had to go.
Traversing  a road that has never been walked
on ground where no one has stood.
This journey is mine to travel alone
without maps or a compass in hand.
Walking down paths in search of something
that is recognizable to me.
I am flying on faith and instinct alone
on what my heart believes.
I am trusting that I will find the way
to where I need to be.
There are wrong turns and dead ends, and bumps in the road
there are trips and falls to my knees.
There is time to rest and heal those wounds
there is nothing urgently prodding me.
There is time to feel the heat and the cold,
the wind and the rain on my face.
There are moments for stopping and taking this in
before moving forward again.
I am taking my time and counting my steps,
leading me down these roads.
I am letting go of the need to know
exactly where I am going.

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