Sunday, December 8, 2013

Violate ~ sanctifying faith

 Warning ~ "love and emotion come in all flavors, this ain't exactly "Vanilla"

to violate~

by definition an unsavory act

to treat something sacred

with irreverence, disrespect

to come into, to overtake

by the strength of a solid hand

against one’s will, against one’s choice

not to be deterred


but by candlelight in this darkened room

there is another side to see

where surrender and submission

invite you into me

still bound by your hand and bent to your will

I am at your command

but released at a simple word

like picking an apple from a tree

slow and measured the waves begin

rocking back and forth

mesmerizing, hypnotizing

lost in the motion’s force

listening to words of direction

navigating this course

following them to the letter

knowing the end result

the pace quickens to fevered pitch

words not for polite company

reaching deep, to the center

the connection of all things

pushed by the words, pulled by restraints

filled completely whole

almost beyond the point of breathing

ecstatic, overwhelmed

tears streaming, body writhing

explosions come in waves

over and over convulse and contract

the flood simply overtakes

the touch of a cheek, the graze of lips

smiles and words of praise

bound again in comfort’s grip

and tenderly laid to rest


this violation as so defined

this desecration so named

is actually an act of consecration

sanctifying faith
~for my muse~



  1. Really a strong poem, Andrea! I hear you!

  2. somehow this piece spoke to me about 'life's interaction'


    have a good day
    gracias, mi amiga

  3. You really have a talent for conveying passion. It's very inspiring. Also, the warning made me laugh a little.

  4. Enter, exit, and in between there is you.

  5. And in these mists
    this heady, serpentine violation
    one finds something more...
    than your complete salvation.

  6. When you convey, you relive, transmit.
    Some see your genius,
    Where others just see shit
    I 'll convey which aspect of you
    I readily see...Lickety-split .