Friday, December 13, 2013

Wanted ~ to be

the first time to feel something such as this

this urgency and the heat of you wanting me

last night was different, something shifted

the energy exchange driven by your need

you came to me out of nowhere

out of smoke and ether’s mist

like a mystery

like a storybook fabled tale

you turned the pages slowly

you read them to me out loud

and within them showed me

someone very real

you’ve pampered me, you’ve taken me

to the edges of myself

you’ve been patient and let me

struggle with my words

you’ve promised me nothing

except every night

and every night you come to me

without fail

you never bring anything but yourself

making me the sole intention you are here

‘about me’, ‘with me’ and ‘for me’

resolving it all in ‘to me’ before you go

there is something indescribable in feeling wanted

and last night the waves of that want rushed over me

the urgency of your need counting down

to explosions erupting forcefully within

taken again and again with delicious fervor

‘time to go…’ ‘no, come here one more time’

the force, the heat, the magic of this connection

the inexplicable pleasure of desire

with a kiss you sent me to sleep

and to move through another day

with the hint of what will come

with the clock’s ticking hands

so today I pass time

with the memory of you on my skin

and the feeling that lingers

in every step I take

tonight you will come

as every night you do

your want for me

all that I can feel
~for my muse~


  1. love when it all comes together, sensual, desire, spontaneity, unselfish lust, warm embrace.

    it works well. leaves a lasting and longing impression


  2. Seriously, wow, Andrea. I love visiting here. This poem made me think about how I felt with my husband when we were dating. I think I am going to go read it to him :).