Tuesday, December 24, 2013

She Who Makes Me

she makes me feel like a newborn

come to be on this very day

opening eyes that have never seen

this life laid open at my feet

she has taken me to task

with intricate and precise plans

sending me on scavenger hunts

my list of treasures in hand

she carves out time and makes it stop

while she paints the walls of my room

covering them with beautiful imagery

that she wants only me to see

she is selfless I have said this before

but day after day she proves

that by never saying the words

she has shown me what she feels

she plays the role of teacher

with the patience of a saint

sometimes rote repetition

is the only way I can learn

I fight her at times, just like a child

kicking and stomping my feet

when I don’t get what I want

I have tried to run away

she leaves me to my pouting

but only long enough…

then like a wind coming through the trees

she announces her presence again

again with patience, and care

yet never doubt the strength

she has shown me that she will not give in

that I cannot push her away

she makes me want to be present

to be solidly, soberly aware

open to feeling pleasure

even when it comes with pain

she shows me the power of both

and how one compliments the next

she has taught me not to fight the pain

in surrender it slips away

she has taken me to another door

opened something deeper still

I have just awoken this morning

and the world looks different today

something in the silence is sweeter

the color of morning takes me in

for one who has always lived in the dark

this is more than simple change

she makes me feel like a woman

in ways that I never have

in physical form, my body

learning to feel alive

she tends to every part of me

places once left for dead

ignored and neglected

she revels in the wealth of their worth

I feel like a treasure in her eyes

I move toward the touch of her hand

overwhelmed in the most wondrous of ways

asked and allowed, to feel~
~for my muse~



  1. wow...when someone make you feel like that you better hang on tight....smiles...

    i hope you have a most wonderful new year andrea....

  2. You are lucky to have someone(or something?) that inspires you so..
    Beautiful crafted poetry with splendid use of rhythm and imagery
    These old eyes do wish you used a lighter font color against the dark background ;)

  3. I must thank Steve Green to have share this with me and everyone, this poem is wonderful, well written, inspired in so many ways. good job.