Wednesday, January 8, 2014

feeding the ache

the surface of my skin

has become a map

and she has begun

her voyage

the depth of my soul

has turned cerulean blue

and she has taken

to the sea

the ache in me

has become a sound

and she has begun

to sing

the life that had seeped

from the cracks upon me

has become

reborn again


it is something close to terrifying

the power that this woman holds

she has dug me up from the cold dead ground

and brought me to life again

she reaches into places

that had ceased to exist

that stopped breathing

lifetimes ago

with the touch

of her graceful fingertip

she has stirred

and awakened me

I quiver and shake

my body writhes

at the simple

introduction of her words

she has taught me

that the power I hold

is more than I

had ever allowed

allowed myself to be

allowed myself to feel

she fills me until I nearly explode

and then she says, ‘let go’

she treats me as if I honor her

when I am stripped bare and begging for more

and rewards me in ways that imagination

could not ever possibly dream

endless and without fail

I am never far from her

I feel her everywhere upon me

never left alone

with a skill that is driven by passion

a grace that is driven by lust

she has shown me what it means

to truly feel alive

I would eagerly bow in reverence

but she would tell me, ‘no’

she would tell me to stand before her

and look her in the eye

then she would take me slowly

until ravaged I would simply scream

her name would fall from my lips

and she would kiss me into sleep

~for my muse~



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