Friday, January 10, 2014

The Lesson~ letting go

this lesson far from being understood

something unleashed

wildly untamed

a force let loose

a feeling savage

raw, unnamed awake…


starting tightly bound

slipping slowly

floating lightly

just above the room

a soft exchange

words spent like time

passing into realms

where actions speak

slowly being taken

stretched and filled deep

pushed until the edges

cease to exist

caught in the wave

of the flowing back and forth

the axis of my balance

starts to spin

suddenly a shift, a switch

changing places

suddenly something

creeping over me

I move upon you

feeling like I own you

this need, desire

driving me beyond control

leading me from a depth

that has never been touched

emotion unleashed

that has always been restrained

letting go and allowing

all thought to leave my mind

opening to the body

feeling the soul

action becomes the measure

the tangible gauge

the visible expression

of what is felt

given name to things

that have never been expressed

the need to be heard

suddenly completely fulfilled




the lesson

there it is

I understand

what is learned

in the act

of letting go

~for my muse~


  1. letting go to become a total sentient being ? without thought? just emotion and touch?
    or letting go totally of self into the realm of 'nothingness' yet everything? becoming 'One' eith all?

  2. So hard to let go...great capture.