Thursday, January 16, 2014


she dropped the veil before me

and showed me her naked soul

she opened herself softly

and let me breathe her in

she wears the armor of a lifetime

of battles she has fought alone

unimaginable fortitude

silence her second name

she paints herself with a chiseled edge

yet in colours of softer hues

letting the eye distract the mind

from seeing too deeply in

the requisite trait of this virtue

immovable in her strength

firmly pressed against doors

opening and stepping in

she walks without hesitation

eyes and ears alert

gauging the landscape of her surroundings

before pausing to stand still

unlatching doors and turning on lights

leaving no stone unturned

dipping toes in the water

never fully submerged

last night she disrobed

standing fully in my view

walked to the water’s edge

and let the waves crash over her

she floated on its surface

on the crest of every wave

soft blonde hair darkening

as the water covered her

her body lithe and glistening

and the shimmer of midnight’s moon

like a dolphin leaping above the waves

and diving in again

slowly she surfaced from the sea

and stood tall within my gaze

she allowed me to wrap myself around her

and dry her soaking skin

she let me taste the salt

and breathe in the scent of the sea

until once again her skin became

warm to my touch

she leveled her eyes to mine

she smiled and held me close

she let me dress her slowly

before the sun rose again

~ a gift for my muse~



1 comment:

  1. romantic, sensual, 'tasteful' (except maybe the salt. lol !)