Wednesday, December 18, 2013


a list of directions

intricate, almost painstaking

steps to take

cautions to be wary of

something akin

to a road map

attention to all detail

before the adventure began

this was to be

an escapade into pleasure

into loss of inhibition

into letting go

but deeper it went

digging into cores

intensity felt

beyond all scope of thought

it began slowly

with a battle

a challenge of will

fighting inner beasts

words spoken steady

in solid unbroken lines

lining the sides of the path

leading the way

pushing against anger

against pressure against fear

against the feeling

that giving in is taking away

the unwavering voice

continues its ministrations

and illumination breaks

and causes a shift

softening to your words

the sound of you

actions begin to mimic

what is said

taken slowly in to your rhythm

lost in the drifting wave

caught by the heat

that has found the center of me

floating as if safely tethered

no fear of falling away

an act of letting go

just became real

pure unblemished submission

surrendered unto you

rewarded with something

altogether unknown

a state of euphoria

never before experienced

body and soul taken

far beyond limit’s restraint

lost in pleasure’s playground

safe beneath your hand

all hesitation forever

left behind
~for my muse~
thank you for the title...



1 comment:

  1. ah yes, the selfless pleasure of the pleasure playground. submit to the release of self releases the fear of letting go. two reciprocating in the sharing of pleasure in the hands of the other is truly unselfish pleasure