Thursday, December 12, 2013

Of Pleasure

there may not truly be words to convey

sensations such as this

it may come down to sounds

to movements made

it may simply be a torso

writhing like a snake

fluid motion

reminiscent of a wave

it may be a pulsing vein

swollen and hidden deep

in the nether realm

where eyes seldom see

it may be muscles flexing

convulsing and tearing loose

all semblance of composure

the body losing control

it may be guttural throaty sounds

culled from deep within

and uttered forth

in breathy gasping bursts

it may be fingers interlaced

the feel of skin on skin

lips and teeth

and fingernails digging in

it may be eyes connecting

and holding each other’s gaze

off the eyelid

the escape of a single tear

it may be explosions visible

or the ones that go unseen

the evidence of both

flowing uncontained

it may be soft and tender

may be savage and raw

the scent of lust

enveloping the room

there may not be words

or poetry enough to convey

but you will know

the depth of what I feel~
~for my muse~



  1. after reading this I think I feel nail scratch marks on my back. i feel your passion

    gracias mi amiga

    have a fun and joy filled day

    1. thank you for always stopping by to read and for you thoughtful comments~ I appreciate you very much

  2. Holy cow, that is one hell of a muse that you have, Andrea.