Saturday, December 21, 2013

Deal Me In~

at 3 am, I heard your knock on my door

dazed and blurry eyed I turned the latch

it seems you must have misplaced your key

you know you don’t have to knock here to come in

I saw in your hands a deck of playing cards

nonchalantly hanging at your side

the time of your arrival should have told me

but having just awoken I did not see

you laid the deck of cards down on the table

face down as you read the feel of the room

the dealer’s sleeves and shaded cap covering your eyes

protecting you from making a wrong move

you slowly turned the first card and set it down

face value opening the bets

waiting for the ante where I faltered

too slow before I wagered all I had

sitting across from you I asked for another card

I didn’t have the strength of a full hand

but slowly I watched you fold and collect the cards

placing the stack back on the table face down

you rose and moved through the door without pause

no goodbye, no good night, no adieu

just sleep well and silence

as the door clicked loudly in the latch

I reached for the card on the top of the deck

I held the queen of hearts in my hand

the second card the jester, silly fool

followed by the king

with the stone set jaw

I’m still sitting here with a stack of coins

this time prepared to play another hand

studying the cards to count their value

waiting for you to return to the table and deal

~for my muse~


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