Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Place That I Used To Live

I’ve lived in Desperate, I’ve lived in Despair

I’ve lived in Addicted and Drunk.

I’ve lived Half Lives, I’ve lived Half Dead

one foot kicking dirt in the grave.

I’ve lived both Bleeding and Scarred,

I’ve lived Broken and Torn.

I’ve lived in Fear, I’ve lived in Lies,

wishing Tomorrow would never come.

For a short time I lived in Heaven

with an Angel who showed me her wings.

I flew with her through the Clouds

but again found myself back in Hell.

I still owed rent on Darkness

my name on a lease in Despair.

And Drunk seemed like the shortest route

to keep me living In Between.

I came here to the Ocean

when Heaven sent me back to Hell.

To see if where the Earth meets the Sky

I could Begin again.

I’m trying to reside in Sober

having broken the lease on Drunk.

Trying to live in the Light

having hung curtains on the Dark.

The décor I’ve chosen is Quiet and Calm

filled in with Time To Think.

With daily trips to the Ocean

to rehydrate a Barren Soul.

I’ve decided to live in Happy, in Peace

in Sober, in Life, in Alive.

To forever leave the Darkness behind

the Place That I Used To Live.

Poetics: Leonard Cohen and Place



  1. The décor I’ve chosen is Quiet and Calm
    filled in with Time To Think.
    With daily trips to the Ocean
    to rehydrate a Barren Soul.... sounds like you're on a good way to that new and peaceful place and with enough power to leave the past gonna make it...i know...smiles

  2. dang...nice...between heaven and hell...saw the angles, but your name on the def capture mood in this...and i am glad you are walking on in the after as is def hard to walk at all starts with that decision...smiles.

  3. I really like this poem!! I think being there at Ocean and residing in Sober sounds like a perfect plan. You had quite a journey from light to dark and then back to light again. Tip your toes in the ocean for me, will you please? I miss it so much.

  4. ...and a great place to be... sober and free.

  5. I can imagine Leonard Cohen's gravel voice singing this over gentle guitar chords. Well penned.

  6. Oh, this so works here. Hope you find peace in this new home.

  7. This is poetry that speaks to me a lot with the contrast of heaven and hell. Hope you can stay in peace in this good place

  8. this. So powerful...all the places that you have "been"....and still will be...hopefully those filled with peace and fulfillment.

  9. I am glad that you have been able to leave Darkness behind for it is surely a lonely place to live.

    I do so admire your strength.

    Anna :o]

  10. Nicely done. I like the references to owing things to our past and then moving on. Thank-you for sharing this, I really enjoyed reading this. I like your style.

  11. this does echo with the darkness of cohen's songs
    happy living by the beach sounds great.

  12. Andrea, the sea is such a healing place--keep those curtains hung, a very clever and poignant poem. Happy that you found the light :-)

  13. Wow, this just sang. To feel like the darkness owns you has to be the most oppressive and horrific feeling. To choose to go to a light place and know you belong there, is not only uplifting, but life-altering. You captured it all so perfectly.

  14. I really enjoyed this affirmation to live sober, in peace ~

    Cheers for your journey and nice to meet you ~

  15.! I love the journey. Kudos! Peace....