Friday, February 8, 2013

The flood

Listening to the soft quiet sounds of the rain

as it pours heavily down around me.

That feeling of being washed clean

of everything becoming new.

The days have passed quite slowly of late

in a long and listless blur.

In solitary moments of reflection

and the pain that seeing brings.

I’ve quieted the busy, the harried and crazed

the distractions all laid down.

The illusions and places to hide all gone

I am staring at nothing but me.

I hate this place every time I arrive here

and fight like hell not to pause.

But here is where I need to stay

until I can see myself clearer than you.

I need to see through the darkness

to want to stand in the light.

To want something of me to keep me here

or I will fade in the wake of you.

You were what I was fighting for

and in doing so killed off myself.

Left an empty soul on the side of the road

as I sped recklessly down that road.

As is bound to happen things fell apart

systems eventually break down.

But with nothing in reserve I could not carry on

and am still abandoned here on this road.

It’s pouring rain down upon me today

the earth beginning to flood.

I feel the urge just to walk for miles

until I am soaked, bathed, new.

I have been treading water for some time now

trying to stay above the line.

I feel like surrender is imminent

just exhale and sink within.


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