Friday, February 8, 2013

Recalling Moments

Moments flash like blinking eyes

the past brought to light.

I can see the moments I let slip by

or simply denied all the same.

Mostly they were words left hanging

echoing in the air.

But the feelings still attached to them

are part of who I am now.

I remember phone calls with secrets told

with fear and trepidation.

But the fear was cradled in words that would

manipulate response.

I remember the car ride through the desert

the pain, the fear, the guilt.

I remember that was the day I knew

I could never show you those things.

I remember being so afraid

of roads I’d never been down.

And remember being so disappointed

that I was walking down them alone.

I remember hearing language

words that cut and stung.

And saying to myself, as long as,

they are never directed at me.

 I remember taking my values

 and dashing them upon the rocks.

Because I knew they would never matter to you

another death of me.

So many things remembered now

the words are screaming out loud.

Things I should have said and should have done

are only memories now.

In homage to the things that died

I write these words on this page.

And pin them to the walls of this room

to never be silenced again.



  1. it's good to shout them out, write them down... sometimes wonder how i would react now in different situations of my childhood if i could go back..glad i can't and glad i don't need to..

  2. in homage to the things that died...some tense moments there...another death of me...and yet you have walked through it and become who you are as well....never be silenced again is a great thing as well...

  3. For some reason this piece brought the word "hollow" to mind. As in hollow in spirit but the depth of your emotions are vivid and I enjoyed this very much. -GL

    1. The word Hollow has a significance in relation to this memory that I could not begin to describe. I'm a little startled to hear it here. I know you have no way of knowing how "heard" your comment made me feel.

  4. ..a lot of sorting out, dealing with events we cannot change, regrets, perhaps growth, though forced, and what you gained was an insight that some never are able to reach great are in a better place..good to bury the old dead memories..;)

  5. There is an emptiness in this that evokes so much sadness...and I suspect it is there in all of us. Are we ever really understood. Using the trip through the desert to convey your feeling-memory was so effective.

  6. Another fantastic piece! Thank you so much for the kind comments you have sent my way. I would love to chat sometime!

  7. i wonder who the other person is =)

  8. Oh, the things we hold close and fear to share.

    This was beautiful.