Friday, February 22, 2013

A Scribbled Connecting Line

asked us to  write a poem influenced by the aesthetic or purposes of graffiti.
Tangible evidence, visible scars
we need them for validation.
Word written on stone, inked etched into skin
traces that we have been here, existed.
You see it more in big cities
where the nameless and the faceless run rampant.
Where people move daily through the motion of life
and pass the wandering and lost without recognition.
In small towns, it’s more of an anomaly
and by definition does not fit in.
It is the thing that does not belong
in this warm quiet place.
I lived in a small town where space was provided
a stone wall and chalk for you to leave your trace.
“We want you to matter here” was the message
“but don’t mess up the aesthetic of our precious little façade”.
I like it better when it’s taken, stolen
proof of life that had to be taken at some risk.
The image of some rogue artist or aching soul
seeking out a blank canvas where it was never intended to be.
There it becomes primal, raw,
something fought for yet owned by no one.
Once scrawled on a wall it is simply left
something once held within that had to be set free.
In being consumed by the passing eye
life is sustained as it seeps into another’s consciousness. 


  1. proof of life that had to be taken at some is more primal and more raw when something is at stake and you are unwilling to let something stop you....

  2. Indeed...graffiti whether folks like it or not does tend to seep into one's consciousness.

  3.'s interesting that where the anonymity increases, the people want to be heard and seen more.. in a little village you may worry that people watch too much what you're mom grew up in one and felt she has to escape to a city..she did no graffiti though...smiles

  4. "something once held within that had to be set free"

    I love that line - it really resonates with me.

  5. true that it strikes more of a chord because it is illicit or unplanned...spontaneous writing 'recognized'...I think that is the main get recognition/validation..

  6. I like this - tis true we need to leave a trace of who we are somewhere...

    Anna :o]

  7. A wonderful exploration, I loved you used proof of life and the contrasts between the city and small town.

  8. I love the contrast between the city and small town graffiti too. and that last line is killer!