Thursday, February 7, 2013


Isn’t interesting

what this has done to me.

The way that it has changed me

into someone else.

My face no longer looks the same

my hair, my clothes, have changed.

My voice no longer carries in it

the light that it once did.

I can no longer stand

so many things that I once loved

No longer do I see the twinkled lights

or hazy dreams.

The sight of touch or tenderness

now fills me with disgust.

A hand upon skin

fills me with unease I can’t explain.

Gestures, movements, connection between

is something I cannot take.

I quickly move away

or just avoid it all the same.

I am sick at the thought of you and her

sick to my very soul.

I can’t wipe the images away

from the corners of my mind.

That is the fallout, the residue,

the remnants of betrayal.

That is the thing I cannot find

a way to let go of.

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