Monday, October 15, 2012

Guardian Angels

To me, guardian angels are those mysterious creatures who knowingly,
and sometimes more importantly, unknowingly,
change the shape of our lives.
Through the simple opening of one human heart to another,
through a kindness,a word spoken,
or the reaching out of a hand.
I am blessed to have many of these amazing beings floating around in my life. The challenge for me is to have the wisdom and the strength to remember
that they are there
when I need them the most.
*For TK, EB and BR.*
~ ~ ~
Trying not to fall victim
to the weakness of being human.
Trying not to define myself
by the things that have happened to me.
Trying to not let the weakness
be greater than what I’ve become.
Trying to not let the setbacks
derail the movement that I must sustain.
It’s lonely on the road less travelled
where footsteps don’t cover the ground.
Where few have tread before me
where many seldom go.
I have set forth on this journey
with the whispers of angels in my ears.
Urging me forward with wishes
of strength and peace of mind.
Yet out here on this road alone
the silence is sometimes too much.
When my own voice is all that I hear
the sound can become bitter and shrill.
I begin to fall victim once again
to the words that I cannot unhear.
To the things that I cannot unsee
to the pain that just won’t go away.
I slip and fall by the roadside,
take up residence on the dusty ground.
On hands and knees, scratched and scraped,
I crawl until again I can stand.
Those days on the side of the road,
watching the rest of the world speed by.
Are the loneliest moments that exist in this life
and take all of the resolve that I have.
When I trip and fall, decidedly numb
and just wait for it all to pass.
I fear that this will be the moment
from which I cannot move on.
That this will be the time
when it is all just greater than me.
And that is when I hear the angels call my name
and I listen to the song that they sing.

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