Tuesday, October 16, 2012

At the starting line...

It’s time to put this ‘self’ on hold

and try to find some balance.

It’s time to focus solely

on something else but me.

I don’t have any more broken words

or questions that need answers.

I’m never going to understand

why you did the things you did.

Now the focus is me

and the things I am about to achieve.

The hard work and the hours

are about to engage again.

I am about to dive into

the deepest end of the pool.

I am about to see

if I can truly swim.

I’m challenged right now

on so many levels.

And I have laid challenges

out in return.

Chaos is not my best state of mind

yet chaos is about to ensue.

With everything slightly beyond my control

I am going to have to stay calm.

I am going to have to rise above

and be who I want them to be.

To embody all of the characteristics

that I want to see in return.

I want to do things differently

to be stronger than I have ever been.

I want to rise above fear and insecurity

and to fly on widespread wings.

This is the challenge and this is my time

it is truly all about me.

Not what I feel and not what I need

but who I want to become.

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