Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I burn ~ for you

The twist and curl of the flame
dances wildly within my soul
Beating down barriers
with a solid and steady drum
Heating the air and singeing my skin
with a delicate yet powerful kiss
Tempting with the flicker and flutter
distracting my eye’s gaze
Listen to the rhythm and thunder
of the beat that has laid itself down
Your feet at the base of this fire
toes already beginning to burn
Wax begins to drip
from candles placed in a circle
Touch it, it will leave a mark
proving this was real
Wood splintering, cracking
in a cacophony of pops and snaps
A bit like a fireworks show
lighting up the sky
Stare into the flame
and be hypnotized by the dance
As the flames curl up and around
everything they touch
Drawn to the heat, to the color of fire
drawn to the rhythmic sounds
Slowly inhaling the scent of smoke
the smell as nature burns
Everything peripheral invisible
as I stare at the heart of the flame
The darkness now a shadow
only memories remain
Reminiscent echoes
silenced by the roaring fire
Unable to draw away from the heat
the air is far too cold
So deeply drawn and warmly held
into this cocoon of heat
My body sweats, my breath comes quick
the flames engulfing me~
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  1. Oh my, Andrea. Fire is a good image for your poem. This is excellent.