Friday, November 15, 2013

Excerpts 8

Another in the series of writing from dreams. Not sure this one had a message but it was more than pleasant...
It was a vast room with marble floors. There were heavy velvet curtains hanging over the windows to keep out the winter chill. In the corner of the room, a string quartet, playing by ear. They wore blindfolds for our privacy.

You were elegant in something white and flowing, a light linen that revealed your lines and curves. You lead me across the floor as if my feet did not touch the ground. Strong arms wrapped around me, reassuring, guiding. The music moved in waves and we followed it flawlessly. It began to slow and you paused midstep and pulled me closer, kissing me with a heat that filled the room. You laid me down on the marble floor and as the music changed, pace becoming steady and driven, you became the song. My cries became the lyric, as your hands conducted a symphony. ..

I awoke covered in sweat, muscles still recovering from the release.


  1. nice seductive and a desire to be in that dream

  2. wow, really wow. that must have been an awesome dream.