Sunday, November 17, 2013

In Preparation

gauging time by moments

clocking time in years

celebrations of life

anniversary songs

adding up the hours

and counting down to the time

that in two ways embody

the very first breath of life

the day that I became

that I inhaled

the day that with a cry

I greeted life

in few short hours

the day will come to be

and I will celebrate this milestone

forty five years

the day will come and go like any other

with very little pomp and circumstance

my favorite way to spend that day

is sitting by my sea

staring into her depths

while she sings me songs

this year I am far away from her

and time for contemplation

is very thin

but the day still comes in vain almost

laughing slyly under breath

forty five! my god, it’s come so fast

the second celebration

is more of a rebirth

the claiming of a life

that had slipped away

on the sunrise of my thirtieth year

I knelt at the edge of that sea

and surrendered to her

the poison that was killing me

I stood up and walked away

head held high

feeling life flow

like the blood through my veins

to be born twice

on a single calendar day

is a gift to revere

something to behold

I will close my eyes

in blowing out the candle

and instead of wishing

be thankful for all that I am

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