Thursday, November 21, 2013


she stood before me at her full height

where I lay bound by her hand on the floor

she smiled as she looked down at me

there, at her mercy, if she chose

she commanded, eyes forward

knowing the ache that went through me

to see her exposed skin

perched loftily atop razor sharp

five inch spikes

in reverence I gazed up at her

knowing full well that to defy her

might bring that spike to land

directly in the center of my chest

and prostrate on the floor

I would pay handsomely

for riding the wrecking ball

across the elegance of this room

she arched her back slowly

knowing what it does to me

to see her in that pose

as she has allowed me there before

I have seen her head thrown back

and listened to her moan

at my touch

at my thrust deep into her

today though, she shows me no mercy

this is only the beginning

and, I, bound before her unable to move

have no choice but to succumb
~for my muse~




  1. Yay, Andrea! I really like this. You are rather brilliant when it comes to writing about desire.

  2. you had me at the picture prompt and your first line...she stood before me at her full height...

    great seductive hook, mi amiga