Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mere Seconds...

time ticks wildly

the spinning hands

the only measure

of my existence

there is no shadow

no footprint left

there are no words

left as evidence on a page

there is no quiet

no place for my soul

there is no silence

to hear the beat of my heart

days filled with chaos

from before the day’s dawn

end in utter exhaustion

digesting thought pushed aside

in the hope of chasing sleep

at least let the body rest

the mind will have to wait

the soul, well, it’s coming in last

days filled with progress and change

are tinged with darkness

things I cannot comprehend

‘the evil that men do’

no time for learning

as cleaning up the messes of the past

take over the present

at a breakneck pace

each step forward feels like

a backwards tug of the chain

each moment’s breath filled with another

oh, but wait!

reaching deep within

for all semblance of strength

and relying heavily on sunrises

and the voice of a beautiful day

thankful for saviors

that come in the shape of a smile

a wink, a nod, a gesture

that look of yes, I know

days progress so quickly

and time is flying by

wishing for simple moments

to acknowledge the clock’s tick



  1. Ah, but a slice of day succinctly expressed. Sadness in the tone. Hopefulness writ 'tween the lines?