Thursday, November 29, 2012

Days like this

Some days there aren’t enough tears

to wash it away and make me feel clean.

Some days they just fall in vain

and leave stains upon the floor.

Sometimes I can’t find the words

to drown out the sound of your voice.

I cry and scream and wail

the sounds of dying aren’t enough.

Often times I think of you

and the memories are a mess.

Scattered pictures, phrases spoken

so many words unsaid.

Some days are days like this

when all of it feels like hell.

When words and tears and screaming out

just won’t take it away.

On days like this I run

until the air won’t fill my lungs.

Until my legs won’t carry me anymore

and I end up exhausted and spent.

On days like this I want to hide

away from light and sight and sound.

In darkness and silence and shadow

where nothing gets out or in.

On days like this I usually end up

just sitting and letting it pass.

It usually does before too long

it’s just on days like this.

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