Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another Day

You learn what you are made of

when you find yourself in moments like these.

When the only thing that you know

is you’re doing the best that you can.

In long silent hours spent alone

when the quiet is just too loud.

When you run just to get away

from the voices in your own head.

Right now I can’t see the light

at the proverbial end of the tunnel.

I just know that from where I stand

things seem very dark.

I’m spinning in tight little circles

from one moment to the next.

With thoughts and things that need letting go

but then I’d have nothing to hold.

I’m wearing the face and dressing it up

in clothes that never fit.

My stature smaller, literally,

and figuratively smaller still.

Trying and trying and fighting the good fight

with no idea what all this is for.

No clear footprint, no well-worn path

no idea where I am supposed to go.


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