Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Just stuff

There is so much between there and here

so much between here and there.

What seems as if I’ve been feeling it forever

still feels as if it was just yesterday.

Every day there is something new that I feel

some memory that I need to put in place.

File this and put away that and leave it all behind

working through and trying to move on.

It seems like it all just keeps coming back

coming up and coming up again.

It seems like I can’t get past this place

where I continue to fall down, then start again.

There is only so far that I’ve been able to go

so far until I feel myself slipping back.

The same things keep me looking far behind

things that will never be there again.

I sometimes feel as if I can still see them

somewhere out of the corner of my eye.

But they are gone as gone as you are from me

maybe one day I won’t look for them anymore…

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