Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Her Shadow

I have always ‘seen’ things, ‘felt’ things, ‘known’ things. I see them in the trees as dusk settles on the day. I see them in flashes as I turn my head. I hear voices that wake me from sleep. I spend a lot of time lying awake at night as some thing, some unknown presence needs me to know it is there. I have to turn on lights, most of the time, as for some reason, that presence does not seem to comfort me.

One particular night, I was deep in sleep, when my doorbell rang. It was late, middle of the night, and scared me as I had recently moved and didn’t know anyone here. I went downstairs and looked through the peephole in my door. I saw the shadow of a blonde woman, head tipped forward. She looked remarkably like someone I know but it was an impossibility that she would be standing there. I yelled out, “who is it?”. No answer. I asked again. Still nothing. I moved to the window, and saw no one. I went back to the door and threw it open. No one was there.

shadows love to tease

spring night becomes cold

and then still again

*written for dversepoets.com
Haibun Monday - The Shadow Knows


  1. Scary read but the haiku is lovely. And yes, shadows do love to tease! I like this take on the prompt.

  2. Love this real creepy story -- I've many myself. (see this Indonesian Rapist Ghost one, if you wish).

    BTW, was the 5-5-5 break from 5-7-5, intentional?
    Cool choice of wording and framing!

  3. Oh, here is the link -- because your blog does not reveal links:

  4. Spooky but enjoyable, at least for the reader, experience with a good build up in the first paragraph.

  5. There are those that can travel the unseen. Twas only a friendly specter practicing Ecankar.

  6. this was a mystical ride along the rivers of a subconscious stream, weaving gently to a muddy banks of dreams. loved the way you spun the haibun's web around each word and ending with a playful haiku

  7. Isn't it odd, peculiar in fact. that the stories that are true and the scariest~indeed?

  8. This is a wonderful ghost story, or maibe imagination

  9. Scary...really. ..I hope it is imagination. ...loved the Haiku!