Thursday, April 21, 2016

trying to become

when the challenge is

not to become

a thing again

fighting within the walls

of a carefully guarded self

trapped within the battle lines

of a war won and lost

this road seems familiar

I’ve walked its rutted trail

my feet they know the path

as if by name

but distance seems to flex

like the hands of a clock spin

and the future stretches out

beyond the scope of my sight

seeing signs along the road

places to pause and rest

forks that will change that path

and lead me astray

those are the paths I know

the ones I’ve walked before

but focus and centered sight

must light my way

darkness falls and skies of grey

the rainclouds and thunderous boom

I’m quite sure no one has melted

in the falling rain

so onward and forward

one foot, then the next

passing roadblocks and signposts

the scenery will change


  1. ....." the challange is not to be the thing again....very interesting.

  2. Mot to be the thing again. Not to be defined, yet you still trudge on the only road you've known, time does seem to wind out, but not kindly but with relentless precision endlessly. Take heart Buttercup, it is still only an illusion. One you've striven over again and again, and won.