Tuesday, January 29, 2013


If it's something you need to hear
say it to yourself.
If it's something you need to feel
listen deep within.
If it's something you need to know
you know, you already do.
If it's something you need to believe
it's already gotten you here.
This is the time of battles
the time of victory and defeat.
This is the time when it all comes down
to who you really are.
There is nothing truly evident
to make you believe in anything.
There is nothing but you in this moment
and you are standing alone.
Keep moving, believing, keep fighting
now when it is the hardest it's been.
Keep trying, even when failing
what choice do you have?
You will find yourself in there somewhere
in the battle as it ensues.
This is what you came here for
you are fighting for your life. 

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