Tuesday, January 5, 2021



I watch her as she continues to become

she cries and bleeds and tears herself in two

she is trying to heal the wounds of her own pain

and trying to make amends for the things she has done

no one is born knowing all of the rules

strong and self-assured at every turn

each tiny seedling springs up from the dirt

simply trying to get closer to the sun

I have listened to every word that falls from her lips

I have wiped the tears that flow from her bright blue eyes

I have heard the whispers late into the night

and heard her beg for something to ease her pain

she has lived in a world filled with regret and shame

and martyred herself time and time again

yet still she gives and loves and tries

so hard sometimes it defines who she is

it is shockingly simple to see her

she has nothing left to hide

she wears her happy and sad

like the bright red heart on her sleeve

she is raw and overwhelmed

by the intensity of what she feels

she is child-like and ancient

all at the same time

there is one thing I believe

as I watch this beautiful girl

through this perilous journey

she will reveal the strength she holds

she is pure and she is honest

and she is fighting for her life

she is my hero

and I believe completely in her




Monday, December 21, 2020

When She Isn't With Me


when she isn’t with me

I feel unwhole

like a part of me has ceased

and it’s hard to breathe

when she isn’t with me

the aloneness takes shape

like something that has a pulse

all its own

when she isn’t with me

I miss her

three simple words

that define this feeling in me

when she isn’t with me

I feel empty

like this aching will never

ever again feel whole

when she isn’t with me

it’s darker

I spend my time

waiting for the sun to rise

when she isn’t with me

I feel the winter chill

and I shiver at the deepest core

of my soul

when she isn’t with me

I try to remember

every moment I have ever

shared with her

when she isn’t with me

I pray

that I will always treasure

the moments I have with her


Monday, November 16, 2020

Our Rainbow


she says it’s hard for her

that it’s just not who she is

she says she’s not romantic

but look at this girl of mine

I can hear her shifting and shuffling

up to some secret task

then she leads me down the staircase

to a rainbow in the dark

her face lit up in the glowing lights

and my heart skips a beat

this sweet angel of mine

the most beautiful thing I‘ve ever seen

I can see she’s pulled the rug up

off the kitchen floor

she starts the music and pulls me close

and we dance across the room

swaying slowly as one

and sprinkled between each kiss

she sings softly in my ear

of the treasure found in love

I feel the heat on her skin

and the gentleness of her touch

yet she holds me with a strength

so sure of her love for me

she is learning to trust in us

learning to believe in love

she is becoming fearless

in showing me her heart

standing in the light of her gaze

her affection drenching me

is like reaching the end of the rainbow

and finding the pot of gold



Saturday, June 13, 2020


Well, I've finally done it!

This is my first collection of poetry. It's been years in the making and now these pieces are all together in one place. It's such a strange feeling to see it, hold it in my hands. Amazing!!

It is available through Amazon if you are interested.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020


the sweetest moments

are the simplest things

they require nothing more

than me and you, you and me

I sit beside you, holding you

your head against my chest

you tell me you can hear my heartbeat

that it could lull you to sleep

the softness of your skin

the tenderness in your eyes

the sound that surrounds your laughter

is music in my ears

time with you is healing

it rejuvenates my soul

I feel myself filling up

I begin to overflow

the feelings are wild and rampant

running up and down my chest

a heightened state of being

from simply being, with you

what we share defies explanation

though the words flow constantly over me

trust and love, reverence and respect

here everything is complete

we talk about love, we talk about life

we share happiness and pain

tears and laughter in the very same breath

this is the life we share

from one moment to the next

we don’t skip a single beat

connected through the thread

that has tied you to me

I lie back and pull you over

the full weight of your body on mine

we fit together seamlessly

this connection brought me to life

I am awed at the way you listen to me

the way you notice every detail

you say “I don’t think you’ve ever been loved

like this, by anyone before”

my Sweet Girl, the truth in that

has changed everything that I am

and every day I joyfully become

a better version of me

I don’t know where this road will take us

I don’t know who we will become

but I know that I get to walk beside you

and that this is our way home

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Of your mother...To a daughter

she loves you with an intensity

that she does not know how to express

she only wanted a life for you

that she never had for herself

she overprotected and she projected

all of her wants and needs

she did not know or understand

that she was mourning what she never had

she wanted you to shine so bright

the beauty of you makes her weak

she wanted to see you succeed

in ways that she never did

if you heard her tell the story of you

you’d be stunned at the depth of her words

or watched the tears as they roll down her face

as she judges her own mistakes

she watches you now from a distance

even when you are in the same room

wishing she knew how to bridge the gap

between where the two of you stand

there has been so much hurt, so much pain

and both of you know how it feels

to miss someone so much that is feels as if

part of you has been taken away

a mother, a daughter, love and hate

an intensity no one else understands

with soaring highs and searing lows

life rarely exists in between

in the breath of one single heartbeat

in the adult, mother still sees her child

and through the daughter’s eyes

mother will always remain in her role

what both of them wish and long for

will elude them until they can see

that they are both simply and perfectly

beautiful human beings

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Stride ~ the idioms

~to hit one's stride~

each day with intent
forging a path to somewhere
preparing and plotting a course
then literally setting out on foot
stretch and warm the muscles
tighten the strings on my shoes
the lean slightly forward
and begin with the first step
the breeze against my face
and the rhythmic sound of my feet
is becoming a soundtrack of motion
the only thing accompanying me
as muscles start to burn
and breath strains in my lungs
I focus all of my thoughts
and stride and breath become one
standing tall, shoulders back
deep and full inhale
exhale hard, making room
for new air to fill my lungs
speed is not of any note
as I face a steep incline
distance is the measure
as I lean into the hill
at the precipice a sharp inhale
the path before me levels out
my steps propel me forward
and I find a steady stride

~to take it in stride~

practice daily, center yourself
 with intent and an earnest plan
read and pray and focus
and then open your eyes to see
train your body, train your mind
feed your spirit and your soul
relish the ache that you feel in both
as the dormant parts of you wake
open your eyes with possibility
this is the first time this moment has ever been
before the weight of the world descends
revel in the simple joys
sunrise, singing birds, the quiet of your mind
the simplicity of your soul
the moments before the world awakes
there is plenty of time each day
to feel what life will present
to find the appropriate reactions
and make the required change
but in the first moments of morning
in the first breaths you breathe
steel yourself with the strength
and the take the day in stride